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2014 Tournament Results

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Follow "Breaking News" on the tournament through Twitter, @FRCT2014.

2014 Tournament Winners 

12 and Under : Champions: Virginia Stars 2002, 2nd Place - Ashburn Shooting Stars

14 and Under : Champions: Loudoun Storm 14U, 2nd Place - Glory

18 and Under Silver: Champions: Vienna Stars - 16U, 2nd Place - Legacy Elite

18 and Under Gold: Champions: Glory Gold, 2nd Place - Legacy Elite Martinez

Both Champion and second place teams received individual awards of the FRC coin.

The coin was specifically designed for Arlington County to recognize the First Responder response to the events of September 11, 2001 in the days immediately after the attacks on America. Depicted are the twin towers in New York City and places where Americans lost their lives that day, Somerset, Pennsylvannia, New York City and Arlington, Virginia. This coin 'celebrates' the response of our Country's First Responders and the resilliency that America demonstrated that day and in the days that followed.  We remembers\ the words of the Arlington Fire Chief who said when told of the first First Responders Cup Tournament in 2001,

"What a statement it makes to the world as to the resilliency of the United States that there is such a tournament taking place literally feet away from where the attacks of of September 11th took place to 'celebrate' the response of our country!"

The coin cannot be purchased, it only can be 'earned' through the individual and team performance during the course of this tournament.  Recipients of First Responders 9/11 

Player Helmet Decals

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This year the First Responders Cup Tournament will provide '9/11 Helmet Decals' to all players participating in Tournament. Below is an image of the decal. We hope each player's helmet will have the decal proudly displayed during the tournament play.

The ONLY Way to be kept Informed!

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Here is the 2014 Facebook Page Link for the First Responders Cup Tournament. It is a great way to follow the latestt news and updates for the Tournament.

Rule Changes for 2014

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We have modified the Tournament Rules to accomodate more players in the game, for details please check 2014 - Tournament Rules.

Last Year's Charitable Donations

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Last year, seventy five hundred dollars were donated to First Responder Cup Charities this year. In sum this represents over fifty thousand dollars that has been donated since the inception of the tournament. 

The USS Arlington 9/11 Memorial - Funds donated to this charity will be used to create an everlasting memorial to the heroic actions of our First Responders on September 11, 2001 with a memorial in the USS Arlington Naval Vessel that will serve the lifetime of this United States Naval Vessel - Two Thousand Dollars.
The United States Army Officers Wives Association of Greater Washington - Funds donated to this charity are used to directly support the families of Armed Services Members. - Two thousand Dollars.
The Arlington County Police Department Family and Friends - Funds donated to this charity are used to to directly support the families and members of the Arlington County Police Department in need. - Two Thousand Dollars.
The Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Foundation - Funds donated to charity will be used to provide for special rehabilitative winter sports activities for disabled returning veterans of our Armed Services - Fifteen Hundred Dollars.

2013 Tournament Champions

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12 and Under

Champions - Vienna Stars 2001

2nd Place - Vienna Stars 2002

14 and Under

Champions - Vienna Stars 2000

2nd Place - Fielder's Choice

18 and Under Silver

Champions - Olney Cougars - Black

2nd Place - Shamrocks

18 and Under Gold

Champions - Vienna Stars 18U Gold

2nd Place - Glory Gold

Loudoun Storm Enjoying the Complimentary Ice Cream Snack for all players.

2013 Tournament Video HIghlights

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Please enjoy these highlighs from the 2013  First Responders Cup created by Greg Hudson

Day One ( Opening Ceremonies and Pool Play)

Day Two (Championship Round)

2014 First Responders Cup

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The First Responders Cup





            By Courtesy of the Arlington County Treasurer, the Cup remains on display on the second floor of the Arlington County Court House for the year prior to the touranment.



 For further information contact the First Responders Cup Tournament Committee at [email protected].



First Responders Cup Tournament Patch

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2012 Tournament Videos

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Some great videos taken of the Tournament Action by volunteer Greg Hudson.

Day One Action

Day Two Action