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Rule Changes for 2014

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Tournament Committee has amended the playing rules for this year's tournament, these are:

  • Pitching:  Distances - 12U will be 40 feet; 14U 16U & 18U will be 43 feet. Preliminary to pitching, the pitcher shall take a position with her pivot foot firmly on the ground and in contact with the pitching plate or pitching area. The pivot foot must be in contact with the pitcher’s plate or pitching area when the pitched ball is released. The other foot (free foot) has no restriction on position and may be placed on, in front of, to the rear of, or to the side of the pitcher’s plate or pitching area.

  • Additional Hitters (AH) – No Flex or DH but a team may insert up to an additional three (3) hitters into its lineup. The batting order must remain constant; however, any 9 of the 10, 11 or 12 players can take a defensive position throughout the game.  If an AH is used, the team must finish with  10, 11 or 12 players depending on if a team uses 1, 2 or 3 additional hitters or all vacant spot(s) in the lineup will be declared an out every time that lineup position is due to bat.

  • A team may start the game with a minimum of 8 players. However an out shall be declared when the 9th position in the lineup is scheduled to bat.  A team may add a 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th player ONLY to the bottom of the batting order any time before the 1st batter in the line-up receives a pitch in their second at bat of the game.  Any team that starts a game with 9, 10, 11 or 12 players may drop to the minimum of 8 players to finish the game. All vacant spot(s) in the lineup will be declared an out every time that lineup position is due to bat.  Note: The defensive team may walk the preceding batter or multiple batters to get to the position or positions in the lineup that is an out due to having started with 8 players or having dropped to 8, 9, 10 or 11 players. 

Registration Now Open for 2014 Cup!

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The 2014 First Responders Cup will be held the weekend of September 5,6 and 7.  Please Register now to insure your berth in the tournament.

Teams must not only register but pay the registration fee to be eligible for a berth in the tournament. You are not considered registered for the tournament until the registration fee is posted.

The tournament field will be limited to twenty four teams again this year.

Charitable Donations Announced for the 2013 Tournament

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It is our distinct pleasure to announce the donations resulting from the 2013 Tournament. Our sincere thank you to all of the players, teams and supporters who made these donations possible.


Thus far seventy five hundred dollars will be donated to First Responder Cup Charities this year. In sum this represents over fifty thousand dollars that has been donated since the inception of the tournament. This year donations have been made to the following charities.


The USS Arlington 9/11 Memorial - Funds donated to this charity will be used to create an everlasting memorial to the heroic actions of our First Responders on September 11, 2001 with a memorial in the USS Arlington Naval Vessel that will serve the lifetime of this United States Naval Vessel - Two Thousand Dollars.


The United States Army Officers Wives Association of Greater Washington - Funds donated to this charity are used to directly support the families of Armed Services Members. - Two thousand Dollars.


The Arlington County Police Department Family and Friends - Funds donated to this charity are used to to directly support the families and members of the Arlington County Police Department in need. - Two Thousand Dollars.


The Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Foundation - Funds donated to charity will be used to provide for special rehabilitative winter sports activities for disabled returning veterans of our Armed Services - Fifteen Hundred Dollars.

2013 Tournament Results

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12 and Under

Champions - Vienna Stars 2001

2nd Place - Vienna Stars 2002

14 and Under

Champions - Vienna Stars 2000

2nd Place - Fielder's Choice

18 and Under Silver

Champions - Olney Cougars - Black

2nd Place - Shamrocks

18 and Under Gold

Champions - Vienna Stars 18U Gold

2nd Place - Glory Gold

Loudoun Storm Enjoying the Complimentary Ice Cream Snack for all players.

2013 Tournament Video HIghlights

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Please enjoy these highlighs from the 2013  First Responders Cup created by Greg Hudson

Day One ( Opening Ceremonies and Pool Play)

Day Two (Championship Round)

2014 First Responders Cup

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Please join us at next year's First Responders Cup,

September 2014





            By Courtesy of the Arlington County Treasurer, Francis X. O'Leary the Cup is Now on display on the second floor of the Arlington County Court House prior to the touranment.



 For further information contact the First Responders Cup Tournament Committee at FRCTOURNAMENT@GMAIL.COM.



First Responders Cup Tournament Patch

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2012 Tournament Videos

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Some great videos taken of the Tournament Action by volunteer Greg Hudson.

Day One Action

Day Two Action

Shamrocks Wear First Responders Cup Patch Proudly!

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Courtesy of Coach Jim Metcalf of the 16U Shamrocks Gold. 
Thank You Shamrocks you make us proud !

Game Action

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